By Michael Nueva / Staff Writer

Students who exceeded the number of units have to sign up for a workshop and if they do not attend, they may not get their grants or loans, LBCC Financial Aid advisor said Jason Avila.

Avila added students must attend because the workshop is to let students know where they stand and to find out if they may lose the ability to get the money especially due to the maximum units they took. He said that the government puts limit on the amount of units students can take to receive financial aid for an associate degree program for 60 units while the transfer program maximum is 90 units.

The government allows the program to exceed the threshold by 50 percent. For an associate degree, students can take up to 90 units. Once students hit the 90 units threshold, they are no longer eligible for financial aid, Avila said.

One presenter is expected to conduct the presentation, but the name of the presenter varies within the department. Also, the schedule varies when the Financial Aid office plans a date. The last workshop they had was in May 2013.

Counselor Marrianne Allen said, “We haven’t sent out anything yet so I don’t know when they’re going to be.”

Financial Aid specialist Michelle Pope said students will find out when the workshops are scheduled when the office displays fliers and brochures in the office.

Avila said if the workshop is scheduled, it will begin at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. at LAC and PCC to make it more convenient for students. The workshop will be about one hour and a half. Students will be contacted by email. To go to workshop, they must sign up at the Financial Aid office and they will receive a slip they need to bring with their ID. The students will get notified by email when the workshop will be.

One of the requirements for workshop is to bring their education plan. Avila said, “Students should come because it is money and everybody needs money.” The worst answer for this money is no, Avila added.

Students who completed the programs will not have to attend in the Fall so they are not expected to show up. Students such as Desmond Sanchez, 18, a radio and television major said, “I never received the email about the workshop. I recently went to the Financial Aid office to ask them about it, though. Well, I have everything done. It’s just a waiting game right now.”

As for Jerry Toliver, 19, a communication major, said, “I always check my email every hour every day and I didn’t receive an email about the workshop.”

The Financial Aid offices are located in A-1075 LAC and MD-146 at PCC and the phone number is (562) 938-4485.