By Taelor Payne

Staff Writer

Students at LBCC continue to feel unsafe at night on campus.

Many say they want more security, especially during night classes. Kaylee Sadano, 20, a nursing major who is attending LBCC for the first time, said, “Since I first started here, I haven’t seen that much security.” 

According to a handout from Building X on safety awareness, LBPD is available on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some students who were interviewed haven’t experienced any incidents jeopardizing their safety, but they also said hardly anyone is around to offer them protection if needed.

Kim Singleton, 42, a kinesiology major, said, “I would like to see more presence on campus because the campus is not as visible at night.”

The manager of Environmental Health and Safety Services, Brendan Hayes, said, “There are always police officers on campus. They do foot, bike and car patrol.”

Hayes, said, “The lighting on campus has improved and will continue to improve as we move through the bond projects and the renovations of the buildings.”

Traveling from the parking structure to the other side of campus causes more concern for students, although police escorts are available to prevent incidents from happening. Many say they are concerned with certain dark spots around campus at night while walking to class or their car.

“There are a lot of dark sections that aren’t visible, (for example) the Quad, that are not well lit,” Singleton said.

The blue light system offers students’ safety by contacting the police by phone or by the push of a button. It is an emergency phone station located on campuses for students’. It can be beneficial, especially for older people because, Breauna Davis, 18, a theater major, said “not everyone may have a cell phone to contact the police.”

Other incidents, police said, include students keeping up with their valuable possessions. Incidents are more likely to occur when students leave their belongings out in the open, giving someone the opportunity to steal from another student.

An officer of the LBPD, Kevin Stinson, said, “The biggest problem we have is students leaving things out unattended and they turn up missing.” Stinson also said, “90 percent of the time that thefts occur is because the students leave things unattended.”

More information on safety awareness may be found in Building X south of Lew Davis Street.  Students may receive further info from campus police, additional handouts and important phone numbers for students to acknowledge, in the event an incident ever occurs on campus.  According to campus procedures, for emergencies students may dial from campus 9911, or 911 from their cell phone. For non-emergencies, students may dial 4910 or (562) 435-6711 from their cell phone.