The LBCC Department of Theatre, Dance and Film teamed up with ASB to present the 7th annual Film Fest on Sunday, June 2 at the Art Theatre in Long Beach.

Seven narrative films and two documentaries were directed by film majors and shown by Chris Muller, Matt Kirn, Steven Suarez, Michael Anthony, Antonio Brown, Fabi Lima, Nick Johnson, Stephanie Guzman and Gregory Preston.

The last narrative film, “Rust” was about a hopeless marriage and a man struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder who tried to piece together his actions before it’s too late. Muller had won the best narrative award for his film.

He said, “The whole idea was to be visual, so the best thing that I can think of, since there was no dialogue. I just thought of visual things that would be able to grasp on to and to be memorable. And that’s what drove me to a weird storyline like that,” he added. 

“The Arduous Obligatory Act of Cuddling” directed by Kirn illustrated similar scenes on how a male is obligated to cuddle after intimacy, but tries to escape. “In Your Arms” directed by Suarez explained how a U.S. marshall tracked down a wanted felon and his companion, a girl with a troubling past.

“Mythos”, directed by Brown reflected on a pedestrian like nature within the characters and the chosen dialogue that separated the scenes. “Paralysis” was directed by Lima showed a girl who struggled to wake while in the midst of sleep paralysis and strange unwanted ghosts began to enter her bedroom.  

“Sweet as Cute” directed by Johnson was about Jessica, a sweet girl in fact who was proposed to. She then later finds out her fiancé was cheating on her the whole time.

Documentaries “Timoteo” and “Brainstorm” were next. “Timoteo” directed by Guzman, shined light on her grandfather Timoteo Guzman. After a late night accident, the accumulating effects of old age had only added to his hardships and family struggle for hope was challenged when he was taken and cared for at a senior medical nursing facility. “Brainstorm” directed by Preston illuminated the fact that sometimes to find the answers to questions people have to make a chance in them.

All students who are interested are encouraged to participate in next year’s festival. For more information people may contact the department at (562) 938-4563 or