Story and photos by Randi Linke

Opinion editor


Premiering her latest novel, “The Swan” Maniya Saee hosted a book signing at the LBCC Lifetime Learning Center at the PCC on Tuesday, Nov. 14.
With a doctorate degree in history from the University of Frankfurt, Saee wrote“The Swan,” a historical novel.
The book-signing began with a duo of a violinist and pianist playing a series of classical music, which gave a feel to the audience a sense of the book.
“Piano plays a huge part in the novel,” Saee said after the duo finished their pieces.
Saee passionately gave a summary of her story, expressing the main character and their brother and the struggles they faced throughout the novel traveling and suffering a mental illness together.

Saee cut herself short before giving too much of the book away: “I’m going to stop since you can purchase the book and find out yourself,” she said while laughing with the audience.
Saee expressed how her novel is sold in three languages; English, Persian and German. “One of my best friends wanted to translate my book to German, Saee said:“We did it together, so I let her include her name on my novel.”
Saee said she used her mother’s name, Banoo Mehr, for the author of the book to honor her. She also used the name because of the political environment in Iran.
The book is available for purchase on Amazon.