By Arieel Alcaraz

City Style Editor

The current City magazine issue was published Thursday, May 23 by students from the journalism, photo and art programs.

The magazine class is grouped with two journalism classes, a graphic design class and a photography class.

In the Fall semester, stories are pitched to the photographers and they choose what story idea they want to pick to get an idea of what they want from the photographers.

Journalism adviser Cindy Frye said, “The stories are picked by the City magazine staff and depend on their timeliness, if they would be of interest to our demographics and how well the stories are written.” They are selected by Editor in Chief Tonia Ciancanelli. Jessica Sanches served as art director and Joshua Pimenta worked as the photo editor.

Copy editor Marcy Lopez, 22, a journalism major, said, “Once they are picked, the class reads through them together to correct any grammatical errors.”

She said, “Being part of the editing process can be overwhelming but at the end it is very rewarding. … I am thankful for the Associated Press Stylebook.”

During the first round, the writers and photographers each pitch one story idea and the stories are chosen. In the second round, stories are pitched by the writers and then the photographer will pick the stories they want to take photos of.

The photo students were advised by Jeff Smeding and the art students were guided by Morgan Barnard.

Frye said, “Since we have two classes meet at the same time, it has worked out quite well in the past.” They work together and keep in contact with the design class to produce a layout page.

In the Spring semester, the editors take the stories from last semester to look over, improve the stories and check facts.

Writer Samwell Favela wrote the article titled Thrifty Threads for Thrifty Heads. Favela said, “I picked the topic of thrift store shopping because I do it all the time and it didn’t make sense to me why other people didn’t know about these hidden treasure chests. And I am all about the dress-to-impress rule.  City magazine was done well, but when I come back next year, the magazine will be even better.”

Frye is proud of her students; “I think the students did a great job creating unique designs for stories while at the same time maintaining a unified style for the magazine as a whole.”

Magazine students will throw their first launch release party at 7 p.m. today, Thursday, May 30, in the K Building courtyard. The magazine is also on the Internet at