By Manny Orozco

Staff Writer

The magic and pageantry that is LBCC’s annual film festival has arrived again for its seventh incarnation.

Student films will premiere during the festival at the Art Theater at 2025 4th Street on Sunday, June 2.

“At the film festival, students compete for their films to be the winners of the best narrative and best documentary awards,” 19-year-old Film Club Senate representative and primatology major Marco Sanchez said.

Students who were interested were required to turn in their submissions by May 21.

“For the second year in a row, we are thrilled to have our film festival at the Art Theatre,” Film program associate teacher Eli Daughdrill said about the festival’s location.

“Our festival is a celebration of the hard work each student put into their films all semester long,” Daughdrill said.  “I’m very proud of them all and their work. There is a lot of energy and creativity involved with their short narratives and documentaries.”

The list of showing films includes:


“The Arduous Obligatory Act of Cuddling”

Directed by Matt Kirn

A male is obligated to cuddle after intimacy, but he tries to escape. Eight minutes.

“In Your Arms”

Directed by Steven Suarez

A U.S. marshal tracks down a wanted felon and his companion, a girl with a troubling past. Nine minutes.‘The Interrogation: Forgetful’ Directed by Michael Anthony Hel.

A man has forgotten a very important day and it’s the “reindeer’s” job to get him a reminder.  A homage to all men who have forgotten important days. Three mintues.


Directed by Anthony Brown

A reflection of Samana. Six minutes.


Directed by Fabi Lima

A girl struggles to wake up in the midst of her sleep paralysis and strange, unwanted guests begin to enter her bedroom. Three minutes.

“Sweet as Cake”

Directed by Nick Johnson

Jessica, a sweet girl, has been proposed to. She later learns that her new fiancé Jon has been cheating.  Six minutes.


Directed by Chris Muller

Flagging in a hopeless marriage, a man struggling with dissociative identity disorder, tries to piece together his actions before it’s too late. Seven minutes.



Directed by Stephanie Guzman

After a late-night accident, Timothy Guzman has never been the same. The accumulating affects of old age have only added to his hardships and his family’s struggles for hope is challenged when he is taken and cared for at a senior medical nursing facility. Eight minutes.


Directed by Gregory Preston

Sometimes to find the answer to a question, people have to make a change within themselves. Six minutes.

A compilation teaser trailer of the short films is available online at