Story by Mali Hicks

Featured image courtesy of LBCC Jazz Facebook page

LBCC musicians are preparing holiday music pieces today, Nov. 7th in the G-building music department to close out the semester with some “joyful music.”

With the holidays approaching, music majors like Alyssa Langford, Miguel Orozco, and Christian Cornejo of LBCC are preparing winter pieces and holiday favorites.

Some pieces include The Nightmare Before Christmas, from the movie, Belle’s Christmas, and a few others.

Orozco  a jazz guitar major stated “it’s going to be a good one, you should check it out” referring to the Nightmare. “We will be performing some time in December right before the session is done. ”

“Musicianship has been a challenge.” With not much time left, the students shared it’s difficult to sight read pieces, learn to identify notes by ear, “they always give you material that is a bit beyond you, but just enough to push you.” Orozco said. “Music is hard but it’s an experience.”

Langford, a classical trumpet major, stated “Sometimes we are given one note, then you have to sing the rest exactly how it is in sight singing.”

“I have stage fright, so it’s a little difficult to get prepared for the formal introduction [on stage]. And then that music theory, don’t even get me started. We eat, sleep and breathe music.”

Cornejo, a jazz drumset major, said “It’s really hard mixing practice with school and work. Music is a revolution, there’s constant evolution.”

“I usually listen to jazz as my go to genre, classic rock like Zeppelin. I listen to neo-soul, rap and hip hop.”

In the end Orozco added “Music is such an important part of human culture, it melts and molds everything in our society.”