Story by Randi Linke

Opinion editor




Many LBCC students are attending their last classes before having to make the big decision on where to go next.
Students say they are already stressed with midterms and homework, however many are now facing an even bigger stress.
With Nov. 30 being the deadline for Cal State transfer applications, students spoke Tuesday, Nov. 7, about their plans are for the future.
Narae Kim, 20, an economics major at LBCC, said, “I’m just going to apply to all Cal States in the L.A. area since I want to stay close to my family and friends.”
When speaking about the transferring process, Kim said, “I’m probably about half way done with my applications. I should be finished, but I have been procrastinating.”
Brianna Yi, 20, a sociology major, said she has not begun her application process yet.
“I know where I want to apply and what I want my essay to be on,” Yi said, “I just am hoping I get accepted by Cal State Long Beach.”
The application filing has been ope since Oct. 1, nonetheless it seems as though LBCC student have been caught up with their busy schedules to begin submitting the life -changing decision.
For information about transferring, students may visit the Transfer Center in LAC’s Building A or call (562) 938-4670.