Story by Genesis Campano

People today have over 100 ways to de-stress themselves and some people may be understress and not even be aware of it.

Fortunately, students and staff at LBCC are fortunate enough to have access to the health center and counseling center if they ever wanted help dealing with any stress.

At LBCC, the mental health services host stress management workshops in room EE102 and signing up to attend these workshops are not necessary and are open to all walk-ins.

Being able to identify whether you are stressing or not and identifying what kind of stress you are going through are some of the topics the staff goes over.

They also cover self-help for coping with stress as well as sharing tips on how to think differently and change your mindset positively.

At the Student Health Services office, students can find helpful brochures and pamphlets.

Pamphlets reading “101 Stress Busters” and “30+ Ways to De-stress in Less Than 10 Minutes” can be found at the student health centers on both LAC and PCC campuses.

Monica De Anda, a health services technician, shared that she meditates and practices deep breathing exercises when she is feeling stressed.

Student KJ Jackson, 20, said that the way he chooses to de-stress himself when he feels like he is under stress is to workout. Jackson said that he takes care of any business he needs to handle then works out. Business major, Darnelle Harris, 19 said that he runs. “I just run and run and run.”

Students may receive therapy from mental health clinicians and by graduate interns under the supervision of a licensed clinician at the health center as well.

To find out more information on how to cope and manage with stress, students can seek help from a health service technician in A-1010 at the LAC campus and GG-117 at the PCC campus.