Story by Isaiah Matthew Jackson

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just a few weeks away, students are preparing for the end of the fall semester and making their holiday plans.

With Long Beach City College being as diverse as it is, today a few students were asked of their experiences dealing with holidays and having close family out of state or not in Long Beach.

Juliana Delgado, a communications and fashion major grew up in a military family and explained how they moved around a lot growing up.

Before attending LBCC, Delgado lived in San Francisco for 5 years and Arizona before that. Her brother went on to join the military and has been serving for a year.

When asked about how holidays and how moving around has effected that, she had said it’s really important to see her brother in Texas. “I love when people come over to my house though. I love cooking dinners for everyone.”

Computer security major at LBCC, Corbin Baker of Ashburn Virginia had a different path. He joined the military 4 years ago and started attending LBCC this past spring 2017 semester.

 “It’s expensive to go back. It’s about a grand, so I can only go back once or twice a year.” he said about visiting family.

Baker went on to say, “I have been on my own since I was 17. It used to be really hard when I first moved out here, but now I’m completely fine with it. I still have a bunch of friends here.”

Although the normal holiday for some is having family no more than a few miles from one another, not all students share that luxury. Nonetheless, everyone has their own ways of dealing with this circumstance.