Story by Emanuel Enciso

Featured Image courtesy by LBCC Transfer Center Twitter @We_Are_LBCC_Transfer

Transfer center at LBCC is helping students fill out applications and hosting several workshops for those who are interested in transferring to a CSU and a UC during the month of November. 

Students attended a workshop hosted by a UCLA representative explaining the process of transferring to a UC in the transfer center and shared some personal insides on the campus and answered questions on Tuesday morning.

Judy Quilaton, enrollment specialist, said “there are a lot of wonderful workshops that we offer at the transfer center and our goal is to help students transfer and take advantage.”

Attendance to these workshops varies from 5-40 students. When talking about the most attended workshop Quilaton said, “Most students who apply to a UC school attend our personal insight workshop.”

According to the data found in the UC website, in the academic year of 2016-2017, 241 LBCC transfer students applied to a UC. The UC’s admitted 159 applicants, and 104 of those attended, the highest student enrollment since the 2003-2004 academic year.

Students who need help filling out the application have many resources available to them in the transfer center. Workshops are also free and offer students with answers to many of their questions about the university campuses and the steps required to complete the application process. LBCC transfer centers are in A-1097 at LAC and EE-105 at PCC.