Story and Photo by Maila Bringas

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“Chasing Coral”: Students gather and watch the documentary in T1200 on Thursday, Oct. 19,

Future Teachers and Biology club have provided a free screening of Chasing Coral on September 19 at the LAC campus.

The club is reaching out to students not only to give awareness about the coral reefs, but to also learn about career paths to become teachers.

Johnathan Avila, 20, an education major, is part of the club to give notice about teaching and what you could achieve with the career.

“I plan to be a teacher, and (this club) have many people who found it really helpful, there’s a lot of programs to see what career you could have.” He said.

Explained by reading department assistant professor, Megan Kaplinsky, “(The) free documentary to spread the word, wide and far, about coral bleaching and the effects of global warming on our oceans.” She said. “This film allows us to capture the attention of students who are invested in a cause, who may be interested in marine biology and the sciences and anyone who may have not

considered teaching as a career option.”

The event consisted of the film, a q&a about the film or the classes, and a raffle for about 40 people attended that gave awareness to the coral reefs and the effects of the changing world views.

The Film directed by Jeff Orlowski shows how much coral reefs around the world are vanishing and research has been done to prevent more from perishing.

“I was curious,” said Sarah Hawbaker, 19, a Film major, about the documentary. “We’re actually learning about it in Marine Biology and how it’s really an environmental issue.”

In addition,

Jacqueline Ward from the math and engineering, Melanie Levy from the reading department, Daniel Nigro and Elizabeth Nash of the Life Science Department, and Ryan Carroll and Kim Hatch of the Physical Science department have also provided support for the event.

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