Story and Photo By Randi Linke

Opinion Editor


Photo by Randi Linke/ Opinion Editor- Queer Space president Celene Aparicio, talks a crowd on coming out on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

LBCC celebrated National Coming Out Day at the LAC on Wednesday,  Oct. 11, reminding the campus community of the important event that occurs in so many people’s lives.

The students of the club were selling snacks and drinks. Surrounded by decorations there was a stage where students could dance and sing. The president of the club, Celene Aparicio, was on stage speaking to the crowd on her beliefs on National Coming Out day.

“Our main mission is to advocate through education. National Coming Out Day was established as a way to give power to the community,” said the 27-year-old psychology major.

When talking about the group’s activities, Aparicio said, “We throw a couple events together. The biggest event is our Harry Potter themed dance on Thursday, Nov. 2.” Aparicio said she identifies herself as gender queer, meaning she identifies as both, male and female.

Another psychology major at LBCC, Kylie Lindsay, spoke about her experience after joining the club. “We’re just hoping to bring more awareness and make people feel more comfortable. We want everyone to know that the campus is accepting,” said the 23-year -old . Lindsay said she identifies herself as she and her.