Story by Hannah Robison

Viking Staff


The relaunching of the new LBCC website came after a 2015 college-wide survey reported campus stakeholder groups listed a redesigned website as a main priority.

LBCC partnered with Digital Deployment Inc. to conduct research about the website and redesign based on their findings.

Some surveys and focus groups found the old website was difficult to navigate because of its organization. Some high school students did not identify as “prospective students,” making it more difficult to find information about taking classes at LBCC.

The new website promises to change this by implementing an easier “Get Started” link for anyone interested in taking classes.

Sharyah Islam, an undeclared major, 18, recognized this difficulty in navigation: “I think the general website is slow and kind of confusing. It has lots of broad categories when you’re trying to find one specific area, like Oracle. I hope the new website is more organized and user friendly.”

Other students have not had trouble navigating the current website, but still look forward to the relaunch. Shannon Chek, an interior design major, 18, said, “I think right now their current website is easy enough to use and it’s easy to navigate and find things. I hope the new website is just as easy and understandable as the current one.”

Research also revealed many students avoid reading long pieces of text on the website, even if it gives important information. The relaunch will attempt to keep students’ interest by breaking down information into smaller “chunks” of text.

The new website is also assured to be well-functioning on phones and tablets and 508 compliant for users who are hearing-and-visually handicapped.

John Pope, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, noted the website’s visuals would be more engaging: “We have much bigger photographs to showcase what we have to offer. The look of it is more appealing to students with viking icons and viking imagery.”

Though the website may look finished, Pope added, “We are going to make improvements. There’s a link for website feedback, and we know there might be errors, so we want students to use that link.”

Catering to students was the top priority for those who worked on the new website. Pope and Sylvia Lynch, Chief Information Systems Officer, wrote in an email, “First and foremost, the new website is student-focused. Students are our primary users and it is our obligation to ensure that the new website has value to them.”

The new will launch on October 2, 2017.