Story by Elany Torres

Calendar Editor


Students at LBCC reacted to the devasting hurricanes in Texas and Florida by discussing the effects of global warming, Wednesday, Sept. 13.

As residents of in Texas and Louisiana were hit by Harvey and Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina were hit by Irma. The storms left citizens dead or homeless, and facing hundreds of billions of dollars in loses, the topic of global warming is being debated again.

Omar German, 19, an administration of justice major, said, “As far as earth quakes, there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Hurricanes on the other hand are natural disasters as well, but global warming plays a big part in them. Global warming is real and it’s getting worse and worse.”

The hurricanes are among the most damanging natural disasters to have ever hit the U.S. following Hurricane Katrina, which occurred 12 years ago.

Shortly after Harvey, Hurricane Irma made its way to Florida. It started off as a Category five storm and did an enormous amount of damage in the Miami area and rest of Southern Florida.

Aldegundo Camacho, 18, a physics major, said, “It’s very sad that people have lost their lives and homes because we haven’t been taking care of Earth.”