By  Jason Gastrich

Copy Editor

LBCC’s LAC has recently experienced an upgrade, with all types of new plants, grass and foliage in the Front Quad.

The new plants include salad bowls, purple geraniums, red and yellow kangaroo paws and succulents and they’ll be nourished with slow-release complete fertilizers.

LBCC grounds and transportation supervisor Alfred Garcia said, “Both campuses are maintained by a staff of 11. (There are) nine at the LAC and two at the PCC.”

LBCC’s water is reclaimed and not Long Beach city water. There are also seepage pits underneath many of the new areas, so the water is absorbed and reused.

“We bought everything from growers from here to Riverside. The district would like to incorporate a landscape that will utilize less water and minimize rainwater runoff to public streets while creating an aesthetically pleasing learning environment,” Garcia said.

Every plant has a common name and a scientific name. Garcia knew all their scientific names and said, “New shrub varieties include Aeonium, Agave, Aloe, Anigozanthos, Caesalpinia, Calandrina, Dasylirion, Hesperaloe, Phorium, Sanseviera, Senicio and Strelizia and new ground cover varieties include Ajuga, Callistemon, Ceanothus, Cotyledon, Cephalophyllum, Hypericum, Nepeta, Oscularia, Ophiopogon, Rosmarinus, Senicio and Vinca.”

“The turf areas will be planted with Stover ‘Grand Slam Saline’ (rye) grass,” Garcia said. According to Stover’s website, the grass is dark green-blue and “a blend of three elite perennial rye grass varieties that have been naturally bred for salt tolerance. We were fortunate for being situated between two established water sources, one being the golf course on Carson Street. The PCC doesn’t have one, yet.”