Photo by Hannah Robison/Viking – Nearing the end of their visit, two men walk by the final booths at the Long Beach Community Job Fair. Prospective recruits were advised to dress for an interview and were given bags to hold their pamphlets.

Story by Hannah Robinson

Viking Staff


Over 50 employers gathered at Veterans Stadium on the LAC to participate in the Long Beach Community Job Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 12, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The fair was hosted by LBCC and was free to the public.

Employers came from public and private sectors in areas such as construction, goods, movement/logistics/transportation, government/public sector, healthcare and hospitality. Some prominent companies included Smart & Final, Los Angeles Human Resources and the Metro.

Aneesah Brooks, 20, an art major, said, “I came here to search for a job that I’m into. I think I’ve visited around five booths. I want to get into hotel jobs just like my mother.”

Goals varied for employers at the event. Bridgette Nalty, a recruiter for Goodwill, said, “It was nice to inform people about opportunities to help them get employed. I’m there to help individuals get training to get back into the workforce as a CNA or a loss-prevention agent.”

Job-seekers were encouraged to dress professionally and bring their resumes for the possibility of being interviewed.

Photo by Hannah Robison/Viking – Sherwin Alfred Buquid sets up his booth, featuring items such as pamphlets, stickers, and pencils, for the Navy. Buquid explained that he wants others to have a better understanding of the Navy’s purpose.

Sherwin Alfred Buquid, a Navy recruiter, said he gave advice to people who may have been preparing for an interview or interested in certain careers: “In the career fair, everybody’s offering something: full time jobs, part-time jobs, etc. The major thing is that you have to have the right ingredients to get that job. Some people don’t have the right ingredients to become an officer yet, so I will tell them. These are the steps that you’ll need to be able to do that.”

Meals were sold at food trucks outside the booths. Brooks said, “This (has been) a lot of fun. I like how they have food trucks for students who (are) hungry after searching for a job.”

Nalty also noted she enjoyed the event and that “hopefully (at least) one person” receives a job as a result of their attendance.

Ali Raisdanai, co-founder of the Community Job Fair, said, “In addition to the Port and Airport of Long Beach, LBCC is a vital and leading contributor to our regional economy. I am proud that our event continues to successfully align students and community job-seekers with the workforce development and employment opportunities of our valued employer partners.”