Story by Gabby Castro

Viking Staff


With the school year just getting started, students are rushing to get everything settled.

From long lines in Financial Aid office to spending money on textbooks, many students say they have a hard time receiving benefits at the start of the school year. One of the programs that LBCC provides is the Disabled Student Program & Services (DSP&S).

Located in PCC GG107 and LAC A1134, the DSP&S has been providing students with disabilities for over 20 years.

The program provides diagnostic assessment services for the presence of a specific learning disability, assistance to get to class, note- taking, computer lab, test-taking assistance, priority registration, Financial Aid assistance, specialized counseling services where students can receive more time with their counselor than a regular counseling appointment, sign-language interpreters, record lectures and tutoring.

DSP&S helps students with disability-related limitations to participate in the college’s programs, activities and classes.

Mikaela Cavanaugh, 19, a Baking Pastry Arts major, said, “I have been in the program since I started at LBCC in Fall 2016 and it has helped a lot with test taking because I want to pass all my classes, so for me I get the benefits for longer testing time that helped me pass my classes.”

Students who have a learning disability may attend a new-student intake and orientation to learn about the benefits from the services. Teachers are able to refer students to the DSPS program if they notice signs of disabilities, difficulties during class lectures or notify them on the first day of school where they can work with DSPS if help is needed.

Students who are qualified for the program can apply at anytime, but must have proof of documentation from a doctor, therapist or rehabilitation counselor that verifies the student’s condition must be provided with application.

Andrea Neal, student assistant in the DSP&S office, said it is important that the program helps students when they are at the point where they are ready to give up: “They may visit the office and say,  you know what, This isn’t working and someone is going go out of their way to give all the reasons why this is going to work out and see the reasons and would want to stay and I have to do that a few times and I enjoy it.”