By Jessica De Soto

News Editor

President Eloy Oakley is best known throughout California and the nation for implanting innovative programs and policies that help students succeed in college, according to the Long Beach Post.

It also stated Oakley has been elected to the board of the American of Community Colleges, a national organization representing nearly 1,200 two-year colleges with more than 13 million students.

He said, “Being elected to the AACC Board of Directors, as the institutional at large representative, is a great opportunity to represent the key issues facing Community Colleges today at a national level.” Oakley will begin his three-year term starting Saturday,June 1.

Oakley said, “I am honored to have been elected to serve on the AACC Board of Directors.  My election is entirely due to the great work that the faculty and staff do to make LBCC a national model in promoting student success. I believe that by sharing the experience of LBCC with the AACC Board all of the 1,200 colleges the organization represents will benefit from our experiences.”