Sophomore Alana Rouse taking the ball up the field against Golden West College.

Story and Photo by: Randi Linke

LBCC Viking’s women’s soccer team tied with Golden West College Rustler’s 1-1 on Sept 9, making their record 1-3-2 over six games of play.

Freshman forward Jennifer Delgadillo, scored the first goal of the game. The Vikings were able to take control early. The Vikings held the Rustlers to one goal until Golden West scored in extra minutes. Both teams had more than 10 shots.

Sophomore Aubree Furman, and  team captain was worn out wiping her face talking about the tie she said, “We just need to work on keeping our heads up and being more confident in the way we play.” Furman, commented on her position in the team said “It’s an honor to be team captain. It’s challenging being in charge of people your own age and I’m glad to have the job”. Aubree Furman volunteered she’s been playing since she was four.

Coach Sean Reeves commented on his team, he said “I think we will improve,” adding,“We should be better than we are.” Coach Reeves further explaining that although the team tied it still felt like a lost.