Story by Joshua Avendano / Staff

Summertime, a time when students have the opportunity to sleep, work, go to the beach and be surrounded by friends after a long torturous spring semester, or the have another option: summer school.

  Summer school at LBCC is a long six weeks to eight weeks in which students endure jam packed classes in a shorter period of time for the benefit of taking classes in order to graduate or transfer quicker.

Sophomore Koa Hymas, 18, an undeclared major is currently enrolled in five units in order to make his school life easier. Koa said on Monday, June 19, “I want to make it easier for myself during the school year so I am not stressed as much.”

Not only college students attend summer semester at LBCC, Sam Moran, 17, a high schooler who is months away from starting her senior year is enrolled in four units taking English three for the six weeks. Moran said on Thursday June 22, “I chose to enrolled at LBCC this summer because it clears up room in my schedule and allows me to focus on other classes for my senior year, plus the stress will be toned down a little bit.”

Thomas Harlin, 22, a dance major said, “I’m just trying to transfer sooner and take less stress off of the fall semester.”

Summer semester will conclude on July 27, for the six week course and August 10, for the eight week course. Online priority registration for the Fall semester  will begin on July 3 while open registration will begin on July 17. Fall semester will begin on August 28 and conclude on December 16.