By Gabriela Mendoza

Staff Writer

Members of LBCC’s open doors club, Gay Straight Alliance and the E.Q.U.A.L.I.T.E.E. club participated in Long Beach’s 30th annual Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, May 19 along with thousands of spectators, to support equal rights in marriage.

The clubs contributed to the event by creating a collaborative float for the parade’s “30 years proud” theme and wore clothing from the past three decades.

“The float was a collaboration between GSA and two other LGBTQ friendly clubs from LBCC,” said Corey Patterson, 19, GSA’s president. On one side there was a timeline of the hardships our community has overcome over the past 30 years. On the other side we displayed artwork from our club members.”

Patterson said his favorite part about the attending the parade was seeing club members be energetic and enthusiastic in celebrating the accomplishments within the LGBTQ community. Patterson said, “Pride itself is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished, The Long Beach Pride Parade is a great celebration of multiple people supporting us from the community.”

The parade was led down Ocean Avenue by nearly two dozen lesbian motorcyclists including members of Dykes on Bikes, Chrome Divas and the L Riders. The event consisted of multiple floats, musical performances and celebrities including singer Fantasia.