Lieske J. Kramer, Instructor for Allied Health & Nursing Department.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing about the most deplorable bathroom conditions, that I encounter every time I visit the ladies bathroom in the M-building on the second floor. There is usually not enough soap in the dispensers and also a lack of paper towels. These bathrooms are not tended to on a regular basis and are therefore very unsanitary. Most of the times there are papers thrown all over the floors and not in the waste basket and also papers land next to the toilet rather than in the latrine itself. This I don’t blame the housekeeping staff for, but the students who don’t behave in a proper manner, I certainly hope that they don’t do this in their own home or bath facilities. (Shame on you ladies!)

As a nursing & allied health instructor I am appalled when I try to use these restrooms, if I don’t have my key to the instructor facilities. My colleague Patty B. has also voiced and contacted the maintenance and housekeeping services to get this situation corrected, as you can see by her notes. The instructors from the language department have also raised their alarm and concern.

These are not isolated incidents, when I took art classes in the early 2000 in the K-building, at night I had to use the restroom, the situation or bathroom was so gross that I decided to hold it till I got home. I drove home and literally speeded home, and ended up getting a ticket. (I did not end up having, to pay the fine.) And when I took some math classes in the D-building on this same LAC campus, I encountered similar terrible bathrooms.

I hate to put the blame on the maintenance or housekeeping staff solely, the students should also take some of the responsibility and not behave like they don’t care, but please let all people involved behave like civil human beings and do their part for prosperity and cleaner bathrooms.

A concerned nursing instructor, Lieske J. Kramer.