Story by Josh Avendan/Staff/@josh_avendano


Transferring from a community college to a Cal State University is suppose to be great, you usually have general ed out of the way, perhaps even an associate’s degree and a set price on what you have to pay for the school.

However, starting in the fall, that set price to which we thought we would have to pay has risen. Students applying to or transferring from a community college to a Cal State University will have to pay more than they intended to. Students in the undergraduate program will have to pay $270 more. Students in the credential program will have to pay $312 more. And for the students in the graduate program, their tuition will increase to $438.

The California University Board of Trustees voted 11-8 to have us pay more for school, as if it was not expensive enough. CSUs already charge for what seems like everything, apply to school, paying for classes, paying of over priced textbooks, paying for a dorm if we want to and worse of all, paying for a meal plan

There was once a time when getting a degree was not too expensive. When my grandmother went to college some forty odd years ago, all she needed was one part time job to pay for school. Flashforward to today when there are students working one full time job or two part time jobs and are still struggling to pay for school.

Which leads us to students loans. Why does it seem like the business world of America is out to get us? For people with little job history and little to no credit history, banks take advantage of us, charging us insane amounts of interest rates. It seems as though today we get the best possible degree to get the best possible job just to go ahead and pay off the debt that we have that we got inorder to get a well paying job.

I believe that it is ridiculous that CSUs have increased their tuition and plan to do so every year until 2020. But why? Why charge us so much when there are thousands of students applying everything to an already overpopulated school that is over priced? In a business mindset raising tuition can make some sense, but to those of us who only want to do what we are passionate about, it does not make sense. Our whole lives in school we were told to get good grades, go to college so we can get a well paying job and help our parents out. But why are we being punished for doing what we were told?

Hopefully one day, as a society every single one of us can see that school should not be a debt sentence. We should be able to get a degree without having to pay too much. Or why not just get rid of the degree altogether, who needs a degree to qualify for a certain job title, I mean we have a President with no political background running our nation. Let’s just get it right, lower cost of tuition and textbooks, let us millennials try and get degrees that can help the world out to some extent, we are the future let’s try to fix it.