Samantha Wooley dives into the pool on Wednesday morning during the swim team practice at the LBCC pool. (Photo by Presley Swearingen/Viking)

Story by Presley Swearingen

As the season comes to an end, the men’s and women’s swim team and their coach reflected on their accomplishments.
Freshman Lindsey Mizrahi said, “The challenge makes everything worth it and you just have to work hard and the results will show. I think my favorite part was seeing all my hard work pay off in the end.”
Freshman Chaz Harker said, “My favorite part was that we all trained really hard as a group.”
Coach Chris Oeding said, “I thought it was successful. The men ended up getting 2nd in conference and with a smaller women’s team, I thought they maximized their potential and swam their best until the end of the year and that’s what our goal was from day 1.
“We broke two school records that have been standing for 15 years. Samantha Wooley broke the 100 backstroke record and Mark Denison broke the 100 freestyle record.”
The swim season will start again this Summer.