Story and photos by Adrian Arvizu/Viking/Staff/@adrian7192

The 2nd Annual Male Summit on Friday, May 19, drew over 300 students within the Long Beach Unified School District with the purpose to inspire young men to chase their dreams, go to college and become successful in life.

Young men of all ages, color and different backgrounds gathered in the Hall of Champions gym at LBCC, greeted by mentors who would guide them through the seminar in workshops.

Business owner Brian Sibley, a mentor invited to the summit, wanted to share his story to the young men.

Sibley said, “I was in the Navy for a few years, then I experienced a few years being homeless in Chicago, then I turned my life around and became a motivation speaker. That lead to starting my own business.”

With his real-life experiences, Sibley wanted to relate to the young men and instill the hunger for success.

The workshops gave the young men real life scenarios to talk about and how they would approach a certain opportunity with the mentors guiding them the whole way.

Brandon Minton, a mentor and a junior at Jordan High School, is co-captain of Omega Brothers, a school group that had students participating in the event.

Minton said, “It is great that I get to be here and help motivate these guys.”

Guest speaker Ralph Holguin shared his story about growing up in a rough neighborhood. Holguin said, “I don’t want to give you a sad story. With my experiences, I want to motivate those who are in a situation that it doesn’t matter you can still succeed.”

Christopher Trujillo, 9th grade student at Jordan, said, “I was glad to leave school for the day, but I did not to expect to learn so much.”