By Ryan Craighead

Staff Writer

The LBCC Medieval Society club invaded the LAC Quad the morning of Wednesday, May 15 to display armored combat, fencing, cooking, weaving, costuming and appreciation for medieval Europe.

A local chapter of a worldwide organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, the club started in 2010 but has been unable to sustain continued existence during its three years at LBCC.

The display of the club’s activities was in a recruitment effort to add to the 10 current members of the club. Club president and illustrative arts major Samantha Ream, 24, helped found the club.

“It’s a living, breathing entity,” Ream said.

Donning historically accurate clothing and, in one instance, full battle regalia were club members as well as supporters of the LBCC club.

Ream said, “We’re a bunch of history buffs who want to learn more interactively.”

The goal of the club is to teach any interest of the members of the club, most often constructing their own materials including costumes, instruments, food and jewelry.

English major Andrew Hoelscher, 21, has been a member of the club since the spring of 2011 and is interested in instruments and music. He is studying the stick dulcimer, a 3-string relative of the guitar, the bohran, an irish hand drum as well as a tin whistle.

The Medieval Society club connects with the larger organization every other weekend in tournaments that could reach thousands in attendance, according to Baroness Eva Filia Edeneweyn, the mother of Ream and active member of the southern California area for the SCA.

“We have drum circles, medieval jams at the tournaments,” Hoelscher said.

Besides networking, an outcome of the tournaments is the selection of a King and Queen, who rule for six months.

The community is encouraged to visit or email for more information.