By Ryan Craighead

Staff Writer

The ladies of Athena defeated Isis in the women’s final and Thor defeated the Warriors, the male representatives of Athena, during the men’s final of the intramural soccer tournament on Friday, April 19.

Business major Dominick Magallon, 18, said, “I don’t remember the score, but I know Athena won. It was a lot to a little.”

The men’s soccer field was modified for smaller fields with smaller goals for the 3-on-3 tournament. The one-day tourney started at 11 a.m.

Students, players and spectators alike, commented on the heat despite the relatively short 8-minute halves.

“It was very hot that day,” Magallon said, “I got three shades darker.”

Destiny Duhon, 19, nursing major, part of Athena but was injured and unable to play, said, “I was in the shade and cheering, but far away.”

An active participant for intramurals is English major Gregory Macias, 19. Macias is a member of Thane and a pledge for Aztlan. Macias said that winning intramural events “bring a sense of pride to the clubs” because they often compete directly against other clubs on campus.

LBCC clubs had a strong presence in the finals of both the Mini Grand Prix and soccer tournament. Aztlan had both final teams in the men’s MGP and a women’s representative team race against Isis in the women’s MGP final.