Story by Denny Han/Viking/Staff/@dennyh_

The dismal science of economics may have found a bright future at LBCC, as a proposal for a longly-awaited economics program will be submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for approval in mid-May.  

Should the Chancellor’s Office approve the proposal, LBCC students will be able to pursue an associate’s degree in economics in the near future. In addition to the core macro and microeconomic classes (ECON 1 and 2), the proposed curriculum will incorporate classes in statistics, calculus and accounting for a total of 18-22 major units.   

For a while now, students may have noticed the lack of an economics degree in the LBCC course catalog. Economics classes were for the most part, incorporated into business degrees and certificates. Although as part of the business department, LBCC’s economics classes are unique to community colleges in the region, as all nearby schools such as Cypress and Cerritos College instead incorporated economics into their social and behavioral science departments.

The program has been in the works for 4 years, with prototype curriculums proposed as early as 2014.

“Part of the problem is trying to get all of these classes to articulate with one another,” economics professor Fred Beebe said. “Some of our math classes didn’t line up with the 133 other institutions around Calif. and sometimes it was something as simple as our class being worth 3 units, while theirs was 4 units.”

Beebe suspects that some time may pass before the Chancellor’s Office fully integrates the program. In the meantime, LBCC currently offers five economics classes for students interested in pursuing the major. ECON 1 and 2 mentioned above and ECON 3, 4 and 5 titled, ‘General Concepts in Economics,’ ‘Contemporary Economic Issues’ and ‘The Global Economy,’ respectively. All courses are CSU and UC transferable with the exception of ECON 3, which remains only CSU transferable.