Story by Melissa Ibarra/Viking/Staff/@ibarra_mm

Associated Student Body Cabinet members discussed the upcoming ASB election and student involvement Tuesday, April 25 in the Nordic Lounge Fish Bowl at the LAC.

LAC Vice President Joshua Bedolla chairs the ASB elections committee and will be organizing the ASB election events on Tuesday May 16, Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18. He said the goal is to have 1,000 students vote.

Candidate campaign events were conducted Tuesday, May 9 at the PCC in the EE Building and on Wednesday, May 10 at the LAC in the E Building.

The Cabinet members agreed the best way to make sure ASB helps students is to have student feedback.

ASB President Erick Mazariegos agreed: “For me, it is about always trying to improve student success and constructing a better experience for next year.”

Bedolla agreed with Mazariegos. However, Bedolla said more can be done to engage students. “I think we can also do more to reach out. There may be a minority we are not reaching,” he said.  

Rep. of Arts Anissa Gomez said she believes in the importance in getting students involved.

“ASB is very important to me and to others that want to make a difference in our community and for students. I would really like to see more participation next year,” she said in a separate conversation.

James Petty, a 3rd-year communications major, said he plans to vote.

“I’m interested in who will run. I’m not even sure when the election is. I’ll try and do research the days before.”

Petty’s feedback for ASB was to let students know how to get more involved with Student Life.

For students who want to be involved in student government, but not necessarily in the Cabinet’s executive positions, entry-level positions are available in committees. Some of those included representatives of Legislative Affairs, Sustainability and Arts.

“The two presidents from Club Senate PCC and LAC and the chairs of culture affairs serve on the Cabinet. The other positions on those committee are positions that can prepare you for executive positions,” Mazariegos said.

Applications for appointed positions can be found online and in the Nordic Lounge Fish Bowl in the E building at LAC. The deadline to turn in applications for appointed positions is Monday, May 22.