Story by Jaycob Martinez/Viking/Staff

Working part-time and going to school full-time or vice versa is what the common student takes on in college and LBCC students recently shared their feelings toward managing school and a job.

According to an article by ThinkProgress, a new survey from Citigroup showed about 80 percent of students take on a part-time job during the school year. With Cal State University to be increased, soon the percentage may rise just above 80.

Michael Alvarenga, a fire science major, said Friday, April 21, “I find the hardest part is having to either go to work just before school or going right after because eventually it is all draining.”

Alvarenga added that getting out of work late can have an impact on his school work and how he prepares for a test. “In the long run, the combination of school and work is a rewarding process, but time management is vital.”

In an article by WorkItDaily, experts say prioritizing is a big part of how to manage. The article says to record daily activities and to plan ahead. In the long run, it will help students and can fit in that needed sleep the student needs, the article says.

Daniel Aguirre, an engineer major, said Friday, April 21, “It pretty much comes down to time management. You have to plan your schedule out ahead of time to get stuff done. Without doing any of that, you fall behind a lot.”

Sometimes doing homework during a lunch break at work helps even though it is a break, Aguirre said.   

“As you get older your parents stop aiding you as much so I have no choice but to work during school because I need money,” Aguirre said.

The survey for Citigroup showed that only 27 percent of parents contribute to paying for their kid’s tuition, meaning the student is forced to get a job. Another contributing factor is that not all students are provided with Financial Aid.