Uriel Castellanos, 27, an English creative writing major recites his poem to the audience in the gallery of the art building. Most of the poems recited were based on the paintings that are being featured in the gallery on Wednesday April 26 in the K building at the LAC.


Story and Photo by Presley Swearingen/Viking/@Pres_711

The LBCC art gallery hosted the student poetry showcase in K100 on Wednesday, April 26.
Students from English professor Jeff Epley’s poetry class performed Ecphrasis poems, the written on the authors interpretation of works of art.
Many students wrote their poems based on the artwork of Linda King, a teacher whose paintings are featured in the gallery where the showcase was presented.
The poems varied in subject from plagiarism to family. Some poems were read from paper while others where recited from memory.
Dominic Matthew Jackson, an English education major and host of the showcase, said, “I started writing poetry seriously as an adult here at LBCC. Professor Jeff Epley was very encouraging to us students and I wasn’t sure how to write or what I was doing, but he encouraged me to take poetry a little bit more seriously.”
“For me poetry means restoration, it’s a refuge, it’s an escape from our day-to-day lives. It’s inspiring. I think poetry changes day to day for means inspiring and encouraging and it’s a way of baring your soul and I love that about it.”
Uriel Castellanos, 27, an English creative writing major, said, “Poetry for me is just a different form of art. I think some people are good at painting, some are good at drawing and for us its verbal art so it’s pretty much putting what someone would put into a picture into words.
I’ve been writing poetry for a while I think most people don’t take it serious until some point I’ve been writing music for such a long time that was my first means of poetry, I would say probably around 6th grade and specifically just poetry when I got here at LBCC.”
Marvin Basham, vice president of the Arts Club, talked about how important it is for the different types of art to intertwine and how poetry defies boundaries: “Poetry to me means verbal expression without boundaries. Some of the poems that were said today are tame and some aren’t tame and in another venue the words of some poems might offend someone.”
Writers say poetry means different things to different people, but one thing everyone agreed on is that it is a great way to express themself.