Photo taken from the map of the 2041 facilities master plan at the LAC

Story by Sienna Thomas/Viking/News editor/@moodynature

In order to comply with building regulations and keep up with the growth of the college, LBCC relies on funding from the state and two bond measures approved by voters in 2008 and 2016 totaling in over $1 billion in bonds to further develop the college.

According to the Long Beach Community College 2041 Facilities Master Plan, LBCC consists of projects totaling an estimated at $785,878,836 and $1,008,451,288 (including escalation) as far as renovations to be made to the college.

In the 2016 citizens’ oversight committee annual report issued in Feb 28, 2017, Acting Superintendent Ann Marie Gabel said, “The Board of Trustees approved our 2041 Facilities Master Plan in May 2016 which is our guiding document for Measure LB, an $850-million bond measure that was approved by more than 64 percent of the voters in 2016. Our community friends can be confident that the new bond funds will allow us to continue modernizing the rest of our campuses in accordance with our facilities master plan, allowing us to more effectively support the LBCC mission for future generations.”

Mark Reyes, 23, a biology major, has one class in the M building and said, “it’s overcrowded compared to other buildings. There is a high demand and limited space so renovations would help.”

Anthony Neal, 26, an undecided major, said he doesn’t mind the M building how it is now. “More space means more students and less chances for classes to be dropped,” he said.

Two of the more expensive projects in the 2041 master plan for LBCC include the construction of the 80 year old M building at the LAC and the construction of the new 150,000 square foot OO building at the PCC.

Head of the Foreign Language Department, Dr. Cynthia Quintero talks about the M building in her six years at the college. “I look forward to all and any renovations that will be done to the M building. The M building is not only outdated in the form of the technology that the rooms can support, but from my perspective, they are a health hazard due to the old building materials used, constant problems with heating and AC in rooms that support labs, offices and regular lecture rooms and lastly, the bathrooms are in horrible shape requiring constant calls to the plumber. I strongly believe that students need to study and learn in an environment that is clean. Sadly, the M building is lacking in this area.”

The M building at the LAC has an estimated cost of $70,096,798 (including escalation) The project is set to begin 2024/25 and be completed by 2026/27.

The detailed project description of Building M-LIBERAL ARTS states: This project will replace two buildings (Buildings M&N) constructed in 1935. The current facilities are aging and in need of significant repair. The heating and cooling systems are outdated and the electrical systems are insufficient to meet current demands for technology and those teaching methodologies supported by these new technologies. ADA compliant access has also been a problem with Building M that requires attention.

The proposed project is construction of an 81,970 gross square foot building to provide new classrooms, laboratory facilities, a modern technology center for the Computer Information Systems and Business Technology Departments, faculty offices and support areas for general education instruction. Included within the new building will be meeting/conference areas as well as some larger classrooms to support educational objectives.

This project replaces the existing M & N Buildings at LAC, which were constructed in 1935 and can no longer meet the college’s educational and facility master plans. The new Liberal Arts Building provides for a state-of-the-art educational facility that will address instructional plans and objectives well into the 21st century for such academic disciplines as language arts, foreign languages, speech communications, consumer education, computer information systems and business technology.

According to the master plan, the building of the OO classroom project involves the new construction of a large 150,000 gross square foot instructional building. The building shall be multi-disciplinary in nature and will include classroom facilities, large lecture rooms, meeting areas, extensive state-of-the-art computer labs, as well as faculty offices and support space.

This project represents an important academic component to the campus and provides long term instructional space and educational opportunities for the students at the Pacific Coast Campus. It also allows for a more comprehensive curriculum so that students at PCC can take the majority of their required classes at this single location.
The estimated cost of the new OO building is $118,070,400 (including escalation) with construction scheduled to begin in 2021/22 and complete in 2024/25.

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