Story by Joshua Avendaño/Viking/Staff/@josh_avendano

The LBCC Associated Student Body cabinet held an event that brought students together to share their stories and support one another at Survivor’s Night on Tuesday April 18 for Sexual Assault Awareness month.

The event was presented in the Fish Bowl at the LAC. Poetry was read, stories were shared and coloring was done. Police Officer C. Chi, who did not want to provide a first name, gave helpful advice on what to do if people are ever in a sexual situation and what they can do to help themself and others.

Rep. of Legislative Affairs Dominique Iraci, 19, a political science major and advocate for the events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, said, “We had this event for the survivors to understand that they’re not alone and that other survivors and people are there for them. We want to be able to do more of these events to help raise awareness and to be able to have a night like this at least once a month.”

Chi was a guest speaker at the night’s event and was there to answer questions and give helpful advice on what to do in a sexual assault situation. Chi said, “My recommendation if you are a witness to a sexual assault attack is to be a good witness. Take information, description of the suspect and their clothing. Just be a great witness it can really help the victim out.”

Josh Williams, Director of student discipline and Student Life commented on the event, saying, “We want to be able to create a broader program and student support to get everyone involved. An event like this is about creating a safe place for victims and to build awareness and be supportive.”

James (Colt) Goodman, 22, geology major, said, “I heard about this event and wanted to learn more about it and it never really occurred to me just how much of a problem this really is.”

Police Lt. Jeff Liberman said, “We want to have a safe place for everyone to attend school. We have various ways to help keep everyone safe. We offer police escorts to and from class at anytime of the day and if needed call us at (562)-435-6711. We now have a Twitter page @LBCCPolice where we offer updates on current crimes and how to be safe and we plan to produce safety crime videos.”

For the rest of the month, the Cabinet will host an event each day for Sexual Assault Awareness month to create a safe place for victims or anyone who wants more information on sexual assault or if they want someone to talk to. If a sexual assault crime happens, officials urge victims to report it as soon as possible and call the police or the sexual assault hotline at 1-(800)-656-4673.