By Eliza de la Flor 

Staff Writer


Students at the PCC who are looking for on-campus food options other than vending machines need look no further than the Ideal Foods food truck. Actually, it’s the only other option.

The food truck is parked on the edge of the PCC’s Quad. It offers a variety of selections, both hot and cold, as well as drinks and sides like chips or fruit. Some students think the truck is sufficient, and some wish for more.

Betty Powell, 50, a nursing major, travels between the PCC and the LAC for her classes. On her PCC days she goes to the food truck. “All I eat is the egg salad. It’s safe. I wish they had a cafeteria.”

Thomas Lindblom, 24, a horticulture major, gets many meals from the food truck. Lindblom said, “I like it. I get different things, and I like it.”

The LAC has a cafeteria. The PCC used to have a cafeteria, but there are no known plans for a new one amidst the campus’ construction. Many students expressed the sentiment that the food truck was good, but not good enough. Several said they wanted a cafeteria for more food options, and for an indoor eating area.

Arturo Rangel, 19, a sheet metal major, said he doesn’t see the need for a cafeteria. He eats at the food truck every day he is on campus, and is satisfied. “I usually get a burrito or a sandwich. I’m good with this.”