By Jennifer Ruff

Staff Writer

A healing tent, reading tables and fragrant herbs filled the air around the maypole for the Mystic fair Wednesday, May 1.

The Mayday Spring celebration, also known as Beltane, was hosted by the Pagan Club from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the LAC Quad. Members provided tarot, oracle, and rune readings for $3 each. A tent also was set up to provide healings, to help cleanse a person of negativity for $3.

The maypole, provided to them by their adviser, Dr. Novotny, was a tall light yellow shade of wood and had 12 colorful ribbons attached to it. With an even number of men and women, the men grabbed half of the ribbons, lined the outer edge and danced around the pole clockwise, while the women grabbed the other half of the ribbons, lined the inner edge and danced around the pole counter clockwise.

James Keen, 23, an English major, said he got a tarot reading at a past mystic fair, which he thought was traditional with the past, present and future portion and thought the reading was pretty accurate. Keen is fascinated by rune reading and while he had to go to class he said it was “awesome to see some old friends for a while.”

Before members could offer their readings, members performed smudging, a practice where one person waves a smudge stick that had a bundle of burned dried white sage around another person’s body to cleanse them. Pagan Club vice president Gabriella Gillett, 20, a zoology major, said the sage is similar to a vacuum, taking away everything, good and bad vibes. Afterward, members would burn lavender or cedar herbs that channel good energy to balance them out.

Gillett has practiced tarot readings for two and a half years and she said she likes helping others with their past, meeting new people and aid others to “understand what their club and what Paganism is about.”

Hector Gonzalez, 17, an undecided major, got an aura and a tarot reading done. He said it was nice that a club member could enlightenment him. The insight he received being “a nice reminder to choose a path and stick to it.”

Kumar Marquez, 18, a performing arts, dancing and acting major, said he would get a rune reading. He said he would probably ask about how “my generation, as parents,” would manage with future technology and how it’d affect their children’s’ lives.

The date of the Pagan Club’s spirituality panel has changed from May 9 to Tuesday May 14 and will be in T1200 at the LAC from noon-2 p.m. The Pagan Club meets Thursdays from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. on the M Building lawn, between M and N, at the LAC.