Story and photos by Joshua Avendano/Viking/Staff writer/@josh_avendano

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and at Long Beach City College, the Associated Student Body cabinet is having various events throughout the month to raise awareness on  sexual assault. In the E-Quad on Thursday April 13, LBCC’s ASB had a clothesline event where students made shirts in support of sexual assault.

Representative of Legislative Affairs, Dominique Iraci, 19, a political science major said on April 13, “LBCC is trying to show our support for the survivors of sexual assault and help put an end to it. We want to take out the negative stigma out of the situation and show them that we care enough.”

The YWCA USA Inc, (formerly known as Young Women’s Christian Association of the United States of America) came to help the students and to spread awareness of sexual assault. Director of sexual assault crisis services Sheetal Chib said, “We are community partners with LBCC to provide help for students and to promote the month of April and ensure survivors get the support  and help they need.”

The event lasted two hours and allowed students to create their own shirt with their own meaning in regards to sexual assault.

Andrea Serrano, 20, a nursing major came to the event in honor of those that she knew who were assault, she said, “I know a few people who went through it and I wanted to show my support, for a while I did not know about this month and it’s nice to see so much support throughout the school community for sexual assault.”

Nick Geater, 21, a political science major said, “I came out to show that I care for the victims, my ‘stay strong’ shirt may be a little common but I believe it’s a powerful saying because we need to show the victims that they can make it through any difficult thing they go through.”

The rest of the month of April, LBCC ASB cabinet will be hosting many events to raise awareness on Sexual Assault Awareness month and to show their support for the survivors and to reach out to anyone who needs the help.