By Kristin Grafft

Staff Writer

The men’s social service club Aztlan no longer holds the title of first prize winner for the men’s category at Spring Sing after a glitch was discovered in the voting and awards.

At the ASB Cabinet meeting Monday, May 6, Anita Gibbins, director of student life and health services, said Aztlan should not have received both the first and sweepstakes prizes. The Spring Sing rules do not allow for one team to win both awards, she said.

“As the judges went back to make that final decision on paper, they did not have all that information in front of them so they gave Aztlan both first place and sweepstakes,” Gibbins said.

After rechecking all the scores, it was decided that Aztlan would keep the sweepstakes award. This means they will hold on to their “three-peat,” winning the award three years in a row.

The new first prize winner was announced on Tuesday, May 7 and was awarded to the runner-up, men’s social service club The Order of Thor.

During the meeting, which was run by ASB Vice President Maria Lopez, Student Trustee Jason Troia also announced that the Academic Senate will introduce a vote of no confidence against the Board and the administration on Friday, May 10.

Another announcement was made by Sarah Twilley, the ASB representative of arts, that Spring Thing would be Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18. She said it will be Tom Dustman’s final performance as a teacher at LBCC and encouraged everyone to attend. “It’s kind of marking the end of an era here at LBCC,” Twilley said.

Lopez also conducted the Monday, May 13 meeting where the possibility of charging students for shuttle passes was discussed.

Kristin Payne, ASB Treasurer, introduced the issue saying, “We could potentially bring in some funds to help ASB, and that is charging for the shuttle.” Payne explained that they are $250,000 over budget and now that the shuttle has been added to the budget it could be a good way to generate extra income.

Lopez added that it would only cost $20 each semester or $10 per month. She said as a shuttle rider she sees the flaws in the shuttle, however it’s something she needs and students love it and use it a lot. Lopez also added it would be a much better deal than the $40 per month Long Beach Transit charges for student passes.

The Cabinet also talked about the possibility of adding an optional $1 student representation fee each semester to cover the costs of representing LBCC at out-of-town events. Most members were in favor of adding it to the ballot; however Brian Reid, ASB representative of athletics, said, “It’s just a lot of costs on the students.” He also said he did not think it would pass.

The next Cabinet meeting will be Monday, May 20 at 2 p.m. in the LAC Valhalla room.