Photo by Presley Swearingen/Viking/Staff writer/@pres711 Traffic near Lakewood and Conant St following fatal crash involving a motorcyclist and a semi-truck on Wed April 12.

Story by Adrian Arvizu/Viking/Staff writer/@adrian7192

A car accident that occurred early Wednesday morning prompted Long Beach police around 7:50 this morning involving a motorcyclist whose identity has not been revealed, went head on into the back of a Bud Light truck, causing the fatal incident Wednesday April 12 near the corner of Lakewood and Conant St.

Police continue to investigate the scene, forcing many people to find alternative routes. No eye witness stayed at the crime scene for long.

Officer, F. Hines said, “We will most likely keep Lakewood Blvd. closed for another hour or two, until the investigation is cleared. ”

It is not confirmed, whether the motorcyclist was a student of the college, but the incident had an impact at LBCC with traffic that built up in Long Beach today. Alongside the police investigation is massive construction work.
Dan Cardenas, 20, undeclared major, said he is used to the parking situation. “Today was different, Dan said, Usually the commute is not so bad, but today it is making it tougher on myself and other students.”