Story and photo by Sienna Thomas/Viking/News Editor/@moodynature

The cancellation of the Horticulture Club’s annual plant sale and open house was announced by the communications department in an update on LBCC’s website Monday, March 27.

The statement read, “The popular annual Plant Sale will not take place this year due to construction on the college’s PCC, where the sale is usually held.”

Current construction will expand the horticulture program’s area by about 6,500 square feet and add a new main entrance, service gate and updated landscaping in the surrounding area.

The enhancements are expected to improve the horticulture program and the Horticulture Club’s Plant Sale, which is expected to return in Spring 2018.

Before the cancellation announcement was made, vocational instruction technician of the horticulture program Brian Hastie had some doubt about the annual plant sale at the PCC, saying, “Due to the amount of construction in progress in and around the horticulture facility, it will be very difficult to proceed with a Horticulture Open House/Plant Sale this year on or near our usual dates.

“The campus is undergoing a major remodeling that includes a new entrance for horticulture and new perimeter fencing. When the construction of the QQ and RR buildings is nearly complete and access to the garden is available, the horticulture program will decide how to proceed with an open house and Plant Sale.” 

The 4-day event has earned up to $30,000 in past years sales as one of the biggest fundraisers for the college. Not only does the plant sale bring money to the horticulture program, but it also provides a local meeting place for students to share their work with the community and answer gardening questions. This year would have been the 45th for the open house and Plant Sale.

When talking about if the Welding Club will still participate in fundraising with the cancellation of the Plant Sale, club adviser and vocational instruction technician Robert Johnson said, “Unfortunately we do not have any plans for a fundraiser at this time.”

Metal fabrication and welding teacher Tim Shoemaker said, “I have been very supportive of the Metal Fabrication and Welding Club (formerly the Sheet Metal Club)  involvement in the Plant Sale over the last 12 years. We found out a several weeks ago that the Plant Sale was cancelled, so it caught us by surprise.”

According to an LBCC bond program document, the QQ and RR building construction will include adding seven new classrooms and nine new teachers’ offices. To provide the electrical program with a new lab and instructional space, the relocation of the electrical program formerly in the B Building at the LAC will be housed in RR. The Dyer Lecture Hall and the Lifetime Learning Center will occupy a new 2-story, 24,000 square-foot building where the QQ Building once stood and will also house teachers’ offices and larger classrooms.

The construction at the PCC began in May 2016 and estimated construction completion is Fall 2017 with the total project budget estimated at $20.3 million.
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