Story by Brigid McLaughlin/Viking/Staff Writer/@brig_mc

The Portfolium job-related website, a cross between Facebook and Linkedin, allows students to update their portfolio and get feedback from potential employers, fellow students and teachers on their posts.

LBCC student’s inboxes have been graced with emails from Portfolium for weeks and by now students are probably wondering what the hype is about.

New to LBCC, the site provides a way for students to get connected with professionals and peers with past accomplishments and work as well as keep tabs on employers.

For starters, setting up with Portfolium gives students a profile to build on. The different experience on this site compared to other professional networking sites is the personalization that comes with it. Signing up with LBCC will allow each student special access to the LBCC network.

Gabrielle Cuda, 22, a communications major who has tried the website, said, “I like that we have this new option and I can see myself using it more as I go on to a 4-year university.”

With a Portfolium profile, students can update and add pictures of themselves and their accomplishments as much as they’d like. In addition, the site can be used to post their skills and allows employers to find them through the skill sets they have. The site recommends to post current projects, study-abroad experiences and demonstrations of specific skills.

CEO of Portfolium Adam Markowitz adds, “You will be able to keep your accounts for free, for life. No strings attached.”

Having a space to post accomplishments that employers will see is essential for students in moving forward into careers as they graduate from college.

To learn more about Portfolium and what it has to offer, a webinar will be open to students on Tuesday, April 25, from 12:30-1:30 p.m.

To sign up, students may go to