Story by Joshua Avendaño/Viking/Staff Writer/@josh_avendano

The Cal State University Board of Trustees voted, 11-8 to increase tuition for its students on Wednesday, March 22.

The controversial vote has left students in California angry, making students nervous as they try to figure out how they plan on paying for school now. The increase takes effect this Fall at all CSUs.

Josh Leiva, 19, a biology major, said Tuesday,  April 11, “It’s bad because we have to pay more. It puts a lot more stress over our budget.”

The current annual tuition for CSU’s is $5,472. The annual tuition has increased $270 for undergraduate students, $312 for credential and $438 for graduate students. The increase allows CSU’s to fund more support per student who attend the school. On the Cal State University website, officials wrote, “Over the last 2 1/2 decades, state support for the CSU has declined while enrollment demands have dramatically increased. Today, state support per student remains thousands of dollars below 1990’s levels.”

Transfer coordinator Ruben Page said, “Everything counts for our students. That is a lot of money. Any increase in fees especially affects our students. They have to factor in Financial Aid, their work life and all the extra costs.”

Only undergraduate students with annual household income of $70,000 or less will more than likely not be affected by the increase.

Kasside Broesder, 18, a sociology major, said, “It’s harder for us to make payments now. It’s really messed up because some of us struggle already and I’ll probably have to get another job or at least work full-time, which will cut my school time down.”

Some students are neutral about the increase mainly because they still see a CSU as a “cheaper” option.

Lili Barragan, 18, an undeclared major, said, “I would still want to go to a CSU, mainly because it is cheaper than a private or a university. I do plan to start saving up and to apply for as many scholarships as I can and I’ll probably apply for a job.”