A portion of the pedestrian path of travel along May Avenue will be temporarily closed at the PCC March 30-April 9.


Story and photo by Sienna Thomas/Viking/News Editor/@moodynature

A lot of construction is to be expected at the PCC this year with the renovation of the QQ and RR buildings, causing closures since construction began last fall, with the most recent closure from March 30 through April 9 for removal and replacement of concrete.

A construction alert was provided by LBCC Bond Management team to inform students, faculty and staff that from March 30 to April 9, planned construction activities will occur along May Avenue near the PCC.

Chris Garcia, 19, undeclared major, was unaffected by the temporary closures saying, “I noticed the construction going on and just walked along the path (provided) to my class.”

According to an LBCC construction alert, a portion of the pedestrian path of travel along May Avenue will be temporarily closed and will reopen on Monday, April 10, 2017.

The alert also mentions that existing accessible parking stalls shall remain open and pedestrian paths of travel from the parking lots to the building main entrances are still accessible. To access Buildings II and JJ, it’s recommended to park in parking Lots 9 and 10.

The LBCC Bond Management team provides this disclaimer to passersby at the PCC:

“Please carefully observe all construction signage, stay clear of construction activity, and do not enter barricaded areas. Pedestrians are especially cautioned of the presence of open trenches and the movement of large construction equipment in and out of the construction area. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your cooperation.”
Vocational instructor of the Cabinetry and Carpentry Department, Thomas Hamilton said, “The construction being conducted is an on-going process of the original plan for PCC. I think that they are on schedule for completion this fall 2017.”