Screenshot of Spring semester of 2017 tennis schedule taken from

Story by Isabelle Cheam/Viking/Sports editor/@bellybelle_
LBCC Women’s tennis was cancelled in the Spring semester of 2017. “Women’s Tennis was suspended this season as a result of not having viable participation numbers,” said Athletic Director, Randy Totorp. The team needs a mandatory number of 6 players and unfortunately they started and ended with 3 players, which resulted in the sport getting cancelled. “I don’t think any athletic director is excited to suspend a sport and suspending women’s tennis here at LBCC was not a decision that was taken lightly.” Randy Totorp also mentioned that Mt. San Antonio and Cerritos College canceled due to low enrollment in the sport. The three students that were on the team were not happy about the decision, but understood why the decision needed to be made. “They were passionate as well as committed to the sport,” Totorp said.