Story by Amanda Rodriguez/Viking/Images editor/@arod_mandy

In between studying for midterms and preparing for Spring break, LBCC students are beginning to plan for the Fall and Spring semesters.

For many students, Spring 2017 will be their last semester attending LBCC before they transfer to a Cal State or U.C.

Melissa Perez, 22, a speech pathology major, said, “I’m looking forward to getting out of Community College and moving forward.” With the Spring semester being her last semester at LBCC, Perez plans to take the Summer off as she prepares for her new school in the Fall. “I’m going to relax this Summer and enjoy my time off.”

While many students are getting ready to transfer from LBCC, other students are making their plans for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters at LBCC. “I want to take more classes during the Summer so I can advance with my studies,” computer major Scott Rivera, 47, said. “I’m a little stressed right now, but if I stick to my plans, I know I’ll get it done.”

Summer priority registration begins Monday, April 24 and ends Sunday, June 11. Open registration resumes Friday, June 16.

For students planning to attend LBCC Fall 2017, priority registration is scheduled July 3-17. Open registration begins Tuesday, July 18.

Starting Friday, March 17, students can access the Fall 2017 course summaries online at