Story by Amanda Rodriguez/Viking/@arod_mandy

The Long Beach Police and Fire Department will  host an active-shooter and rescue task force drill at the PCC on Thursday, April 6.

The exercise is scheduled  inside and outside buildings with students and employees from 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

Volunteers will be asked to play roles ranging from concerned residents, students, teachers and injured victims. To simulate injuries during an active-shooter incident, some role players will be asked to wear makeup as well. The role players will not be used as “suspects,” officials said.

“It’s a full-scale exercise the police department and fire department simulate, a collaborative effort in getting victims the proper aid in a mass casualty event,” Police Lt. Liberman said. “We are still looking for volunteers.”

The police department has about 50 volunteers and are encouraging more students and employees to sign up for the event. Lunch will be provided to all volunteers.

To register, people may email with their name, contact number and the agency or group they represent.