Mildred Henderson works on an assignment in her computer office competency class.

Photo and story by Adrian Arvizu/Viking/Staff/@adrian7192

Mildred Henderson was getting bored of retirement so at the age of 89, decided she was not done learning and enrolled into three classes at LBCC.

Before the Minden, Louisiana native retired, Henderson, fostered children for 11 years, but ended up moving from Texas to California to be closer to her children. Mildred said on Tuesday, March 14, “I was getting restless at home and felt the want to learn more about technology.”

Henderson is taking computer and office studies 1, Political Science 1 and Humanity 1.  She said the computer is fascinating and is amazed with the advances in technology.

After going through segregation and integration, Henderson said, “I am impressed how the younger generation has become accepting of more diversity.” She said she feels she is helping the younger generation by going back to school and proving it does not matter what age.

When it came time to take her first political science test, she said, “I was so nervous because people were leaving early, but it turns out I was the only one who got an A.”