Linda A. Day’s “Smaller Works” displayed at LBCC’S LAC art gallery.


Story and photo by Amanda Rodriguez/Viking News/@arod_mandy

On display through Thursday, March 9, the two exhibitions at LBCC’s art gallery currently include Linda A. Day’s “Smaller Works” and Jody Zellen and Daniel Rothman’s “News Wheel.”

Day’s artwork in “Smaller Works” are examples of her artistic response to a trip she took to India, where she held a residency before returning to LA. Her work has been exhibited in four shows in less than one year, including the art gallery at LBCC.

Owner of her work and husband, David Scardino, said, “Hopefully it’s just the beginning of a lot more visibility, particularly as there are over 800 pieces of work of Linda’s remaining and most have never been seen.”

Day died from cancer in 2011, but her work keeps her legacy alive as students and the community see the art pieces displayed in several galleries. Rebecca Hernandez, 19, art major, said, “When I saw Linda’s art I felt an emotional impact. It’s very inspiring for students like me.”

Trevor Norris, the art director, said that Linda was a gifted abstract painter with colors that became more looser and vibrant as her career went on. Norris attempted to identify Linda’s abstract work, however many of the pieces are not marked. He suggests that students always mark their work.

In addition to the traditional display of art, there is an interactive portion of the gallery that allows students to be hands on during their visit. The “News Wheel” is a collaborative interactive environment that combines newspaper headlines with audio from radio and displays the content on a projected screen. With speakers set up throughout the gallery for the audio, an iPad touch screen controls the spinning pie on the wall as students select and rearrange words to compose their content.

Jody Zellen, an LA artist who makes interactive installations, has mobile apps including News Wheel, an iOS application that can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

Many students enjoy looking at art pieces on and off campus as well. Anthony Escobar, 24, undecided major, said, “When I look at art, on the internet or paintings, I like to imagine what the artist was thinking when they created their piece of art.”
LBCC’s next art gallery will be on Thursday, March 30 through Thursday, April 27.