Story by Joshua Avendano / Viking News / Follow on Twitter: @joshavendano

Recently at Long Beach City College as well as other city colleges in California have fallen to an ink fraud by a company called Business Technologies.

Business Technologies is sending unordered toner and printer supplies to various community college’s departments without a purchasing order. Then when the items are being returned, the company will charge various fees for the unordered supplies.  

Deputy Director of Purchasing and Contacts Alan Moloney, sent an email warning LBCC and department heads warning about the scam, writing, “They pick random names from College websites and ship the product to the attention of that person without any authorization. Once contacted about the package, the vendor then tries to charge a restocking fee for returning the product. This is an illegal and fraudulent activity!”

This type of scam has been around for well over 30 years now, according to, “This scam has been around for years for one good reason: It’s profitable, Office supply fraud costs its victims large and small businesses, as well as schools, government agencies, and nonprofit institutions an estimated $200 million per year.”

Moloney urges anyone in any department that receives an unordered package from any company to please contact him as soon as possible and he will arrange to have the Warehouse pick up the package, invoice, and packing slip from your office. Purchasing will then contact the vendor regarding returning the items.