Long Beach City Transit Bus

Story and photo by Darlene Maes/News/@Dawrlean

Parking and commuting problems continue for students as a new spring semester begins on Mon, Feb. 6.

Jessica Orozco, a 22-year-old biology major, has attended LBCC for two years, during wh

ich she says parking and commuting issues have remained, “I used to ride the bus and even then traffic was so bad around campus that our bus would be delayed and make students late to class.”

Orozco continued, “College students already have to deal with paying for books and classes, being able to park shouldn’t be another thing to pay for or have trouble with.”

Adding a parking permit to college expenses can make or break students. Orozco said, “$30 for a permit can go towards a textbook rental or supplies such as scantrons and green books for exams. We already paid so much for classes.”

In contrast, Javier Vital, an English major at LBCC said, “It’s a fair price. You have to pay what, 30 dollars, and you’re covered for the whole semester. You can come and go on campus whenever you want.”

Another form of commuting by students is carpooling with one another. Giovanny Castillo, a 19-year-old film major and Vital travel to LBCC together. Castillo makes his way to classes by catching a ride with Vital since they both attend the same campus. When asked if this is beneficial, Castillo said, “Yeah it is. Busses are unreliable and it’s a common commute for both of us.”

Commuting issues have remained constant at LBCC even from years before. Carlos Sanabria, a 33 year-old LBCC alumni, discussed how the same issues were present in 2005. He said, “It was terrible. The flow of parking and traffic was nonexistent and made me late to class.”

Sanabria also discussed how LBCC attempted to make improvements and added suggestions to relieve the stress of the issue. “LAC was developing a new parking structure at that time, but traffic still seems bad around the campus. Also, a lot of teachers suggest to arrive early but little do they know you did arrive 30 minutes earlier but couldn’t find parking. Maybe having teachers dismiss class 5 or 10 minutes early can give students time to leave and make parking available to those trying to get to school.”

The location of the campus also resides next to residential areas where parking is available only to those who obtain a city permit.

The shuttle service between LAC and PCC is beneficial to students who rely on public transit to attend classes. When discussing new ideas to help the issue, extending the service of shuttle buses was mentioned, Vital said, “That would be great. It would mean less gas and guaranteed access to LBCC.”
Even with parking structures and busses being available, students are still left struggling with their commute just as years prior.

The only way to get through the issues of parking and commuting are arriving as early as possible to grab a closer parking spot or making it to a bus stop on time.

Students can find out more information about Viking Voyager shuttle here.